Do You Really Know Compression Software?

We believe everyone has gotten familiar with the zip software. Most people usually download zip applications when they want to utilize some of the materials on the internet.

There are plentiful advantages of using zip software. For instance, it can decrease the size and save the Internet data.What’s more, it is convenient for you to compress and pack the files and you can put much more documents in one folder. Usually, it is indispensable to use zip software. The compression software is simple to use, but in fact, many people do not realize that there are also some problems in it. Today, let’s talk about some stories of compression software.

Principles of compression software

Do you really know Zip Software? Why can compression software lessen file size? No matter what compression software is, there is only one purpose which is to reduce redundant data. What does it mean? For example, if a line of characters is “000011111”, which can be compressed to “0(4)1(5)”. In this way ,the compression software reduces the volume at the same time ensuring the data undamaged.

A simple compression case

What I mentioned above is relatively easy to understand. In fact, the algorithm of compression software is complicated and diverse. Different compression software will use different dictionaries to locate compressed redundant data. The combination of algorithms and dictionaries determines the efficiency of compression to a great extent.

We have good idea about different compressed file formats, such as ZIP, RAR, 7Z, etc. In fact, these are just different compression principles. Even if it is the same format, for example, all the formats are ZIP, the compression algorithm may be different. ZIP can use Shrinking, Reducing, Deflate and other algorithms. 

Whether a compressed file has a high compression rate or not,it depends not only on its file format but also its algorithm (both ZIP and 7Z can use the Deflate algorithm).

Which compression software is the most efficient? In my view, most of them do not have its own compression algorithm. There are three mainstream compressed file formats, namely ZIP, RAR and 7Z. Let’s discuss these three formats and the compression software about them.

ZIP: Standard Format

Zip is the historical compression format and actually is standard format.Normally ,you can see the commonly used compressed files format that Software Store use when they launch software is ZIP. Main operating systems such as Window is also more compatible with ZIP files. You can directly access the contents of the ZIP files while using Window system.

However, the fate of the developer of this most widespread and widely shared format is a bit tragic. Because the creator of the ZIP format, Philip Katz, died in youth owing to alcoholism at the age of 37.

RAR: Spring from Russia Flourishes in China

In foreign countries, there is actually a gap between the popularity of RAR and ZIP,but in China, RAR is the most popular compression format. The RAR format is derived from the Winrar software. Unlike ZIP, the RAR format is not opening up and only its decompression components are distributed for free. This means that other compression software can decompress RAR, but can not create it. This is actually not reasonable enough to make RAR prevalent. After all, compared with ZIP, RAR’s patented algorithm has a higher compression rate, but the speed is slow.

7Z: Open Source and Satisfactory

7Z supports advanced algorithms such as LZMA, and the compression efficiency is further improved, even better than RAR. And the compression speed is faster than RAR. At the same time, it is also compatible with AES encryption, solid compression, and large file compression. The performance is quite amazing.

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