Ease Your Work and Save More Space

Our age of technology

We live in a society that calls for protecting environment and encourage us to develop advanced and high technology product to improve people’s live. In ancient times, people didn’t have enough materials to survive, let alone the paper to write and read. People in ancient times need to carve the words on bamboo slip. Gradually, when people knew how to make paper and print, human civilization had advanced at a breathless pace. Especially for the spread of civilization.

People in modern society can fully feel the advantage that technological era brings to us. Online work, teleconference , and smart office work enter into our work. They help us work effectively. An accountant can finish a financial statement in very short time. One average staff can handle complicated work via office software. Editing and revising a document is normal daily work. But the only outcome we get is a body of information and the space in our computer is getting less.

Document management era

In our real life ,we can fold the paper document to a smaller one so as to save more room for others. While we save document or electronic file with internet software, the files we created would still occupy space. A useful method to make room for other files is to compress the current files. Maybe most of people know how to compress files and extract them. But through the compress or extract process, great numbers of users encounter several difficulties.

We have investigated the consumer market and have found almost every compress archive software only support one or two compress formats. Many files cannot be compressed with them. Sometime it gets useless and you can do nothing about it. Furthermore, users find they get the poorer quality file after compressing with other compress software. They have to return the compression file into original condition. It is terrible when you fail to open the compressed files.In this case, maybe half of you waste your time extracting files. But we can tell you, things can be easier. To find a helpful zip extractor software which support previewing the compressed files.

Zip Extractor Pro

Zip Extractor Pro is the very software we can’t wait to tell you. Almost the imaginable functions can be found in it. It is a file archive management tool. The basic functions including extract and compress files. Beside, it supports various formats containing RAR, 7Z, XZ,BZIP2,GZIP,TAR,ZIP,and WIM. The files quality won’t be damaged after you compress or extract them. You can also preview and open the compressed files. It helps you save enormous time. It actually achieve the ends of effective work. Most importantly, users can setup password to protect their files. In addition, you can delete the useless item with zip extractor pro. Because it automatically synchronize the updates with your original version. We provide various archive formats, compress level, and method. Select any of them accordingly.

With Zip Extractor Pro, we believe your work can be easy and enough space is available.