Document Manager Pro Draw-PDF.Edit

Portable Document Format,namely PDF is the special file format to exchange files that are independent of application,operation system and hardware .PDF is based on Postscripts model.

The printing quality is high in every kind of printer.PDF will reproduce the character,color and the original image.PDF is widely used in business and education to edit image or text box you want to show.

Open it and adjust the size

Make sure the Document Manager Pro is installed and open the pdf file.You can select normal view when you are editing.Normal view is default view.And you can see it each time you start PDF.If the words is too small to be seen clearly after opening the PDF,you can minimize or maximize the proportion of the panes on the right and bottom of the edge of the window.

 Edit PDF Effortlessly

If you want to create impressive PDF files ,you must know about Document Manager Pro Draw.Left Click the margin of the page ,you can modify the page size by dragging the mouse and holding on the icon on the border. You can also modify image size in this way.The undo option in edit menu  is to cancel the previous option.Redo option is to go back to the previous step so that you can edit the content again.

 Are you confused about editing the text in PDF file ? Please read bellow article .

To edit flexibly, please insert text box or press F2.Then you can type words in the text box to explain the theme or topic you want yo share with readers. In addition ,left click and select the words then right click ,you can choose character to set up the fonts .

On the left of the pdf file ,you’ll see several new themes for you to choose in the gallery dialog box.Select one and right click and insert ,the theme will display in your page. Moreover ,if you close the gallery by mistake ,you can open it on the view menu .

Preview all the page

Usually ,we prefer to check all the pages while editing the file.But how to do that? Well, it is quite easy. Just remember to tick off page pane on the review menu then you can see all the pages in the pdf file.

How to take notes while reading pdf files?

This feature is interesting and useful for all the readers. Please insert comment on the insert menu . Then you’ll see an icon named 1,click it you can type words to take some words .Also ,after editing the notes ,please click the margin of the pdf page,the comment box will be hided .With no doubt , it is convenient and powerful .

To save pdf file correctly

Most of the users have trouble saving pdf file.Because the default format is odg after saving directly .To avoid such a situation,you can directly use Export As option available on the File menu.With the help of the feature,you can easily and freely save your file as pdf format. Export as option allows you to save the file in a mode without any form of compression. It is one of the essential steps in this process .

Finally ,we hope the content above will help you a lot when you are creating and operating the files.

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