The Truth About Screen Recording Software

Screen Recording software may be the most frequently used application.Let’s talk about other screen record software first ,such as Filmage Screen,and Screencast-o-matic.

When you need to use screen recording software to record online lessons,game videos and demonstration operation videos,you always find the searched software is problematic : the recording time is limited,the image quality is faint, and some of them even cannot be recorded successfully.

Our team has researched many record applications so we take Filmage Screen and Screencast-o-matic as examples for you to know the common ground of all the record software at present.

Screen recording function 

Filmage Screen is a simple, easily operate, and powerful screen recording software on Mac system, which integrates screen recording, camera recording, iOS mirroring recording and audio recording into one application.But some special features demand payment.Once you open the application you can see the recording tool options apparently.And this is also the same as Cool Screen Recorder. Filmage Screen supports recording high-definition video like 1080P, 4K ,which is  the most commonly used computer screen recording. In addition to recording computer screens,Filmage Screen also supports IOS mirroring recording,audio recording and camera recording.


Screencast-o-matic supports Windows/Mac/iOS systems . Taking screen shots, recording computer screens, and cameras are all its advantages. However,the free version cannot record system audio. The maximum recording time is 15 minutes, which is a weak point for recording online classes and meetings. Another problem is the exported video has a watermark.

After the screen recording permission is authorized, you can see the recording interface. Only 720P video is available but computer audio cannot be recorded. The camera and computer screen can be recorded at the same time. Although the operation interface is concise, the functions are relatively weak, and the free version is sometimes limited in time .What’s worse ,it cannot record computer audio, which will increase a lot of trouble.We have to mention here :Cool Screen Recorder is free and it combines all the necessary features together.

Now,let’s come back to Cool Screen Recorder .The most attractive point about Cool Screen is that when the recording is over, you can directly enter into editing mode and also edit the local video. It supports adding text boxes and shapes such as arrows, hand-drawing. You can directly cut out the unnecessary parts to help you make a presentation video quickly. While ,as for Screencast-o-matic, If you don’t upgrade as VIP and purchase the version of Screencast-o-matic, you won’t have the authority to edit any videos ,even the local video.These fundamental functions for making demonstration videos are unobtainable in free version of Screencast-o-matic.In fact, it will cause troubles for large numbers of users.

Impression for Cool Screen Recorder

In general,Cool Screen Recorder is easy to use. It can meet the various needs of making videos with a simple and generous interface, unlimited recording time, no watermark, and basic editing functions. Some high end features needn’t charging.

We hope Cool Screen Recorder will be of great value to users in their whole life.